10 Movies and Series That Still Make Disney+ Worth Watching

The biggest advantage of Disney+ is that it offers all kinds of old Disney classics and almost every Pixar film. Exactly three years ago tomorrow the streaming service arrived in the Netherlands and we were the first country in the world to sniff out everything Mouse House brought. What happened after three years? Disney+ is still very good, judging by the films and series we’re going to mention now

1. Olaf gives presents

Of course, one of Disney+’s biggest strengths is that it exclusively features content from much-loved brands: Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic. But, how many times are you going to see Beauty and the Beast? If you are the author of this article, very often, but the average person may not be so fast. And that’s where the Disney magic comes in: It offers tons of extras on all kinds of great movies. Our favorite Olaf presenter so far, offering solace to those tired of children who just want to freeze over and over again (and who just want to laugh). It’s incredibly funny: Olaf retells well-known Disney films at an embarrassing pace, and it’s so well written: really take a look.

2. Only murders in buildings

Only Murders in the Building is actually from Hulu, but we can watch it on Disney+. The series revolves around a group of people who live in the same building, but become closer when they start a podcast. The podcast revolves around that carnage and the series knows very well how to make huge jokes in the crowd at the right moment. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, check it out for the actors: Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short.

3. Hamilton

Hamilton is a filmed musical, but don’t let that put you off. Turn on the subtitles and enjoy the great songs and subtle rhythms in this account of an important part of American history, like the writing of the law, thanks to Alexander Hamilton. A great job by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the whole thing and directed it himself. And rightly so: it’s her baby. It’s great to be able to experience a musical you might otherwise only see during a trip to New York and with a lot of money in your pocket.

4. The Avengers

In this article we try not to go for the obvious big movies like Up, Ratatouille, The Lion King and Star Wars, but The Avengers earns a place of honor. This movie franchise has already broken so many records, you can’t miss it. Plus: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is built in such a way that you learn something new about superheroes every time.

5. Wandavision

Speaking of superheroes: many heroes now have their own series on streaming services. The most amazing one is WandaVision. Not only because we didn’t know much about Scarlet Witch, but also because the series doesn’t follow a standard superhero pattern. The art direction is absolutely spot on and this series is a lot of fun from start to finish.

6. The Mandalorian

What Wandavision is to Marvel, The Mandalorian is to Star Wars. The series is best known for Baby Yoda, but it has much more in store: encounters with famous Star Wars characters, great music and great special effects, for example. If you’re a fan, be sure to check out the gallery where the manufacturing process of this particular one is further explained.

7. Disney Nature: Dolphin Reef

Not everyone knows this, but Disney also makes beautiful nature documentaries. Dolphin Reef is perhaps the best example of this. This educational story about dolphins is moving and breathtaking. Disney does a little bit of Disney in documentaries about animals: removes them as a character. But luckily that’s what this documentary and many others do well.

8. The Princess Bride

Disney recently acquired 20th Century Fox and that means many movie classics have been added. One of the most iconic is The Princess Bride, which appeared in 1987 and tells the story of a princess who is kidnapped and married off, but hopes to be rescued by a real prince. Very cute, funny and suitable for the whole family. And full of famous quotes, pay attention.

9. Imaginative stories

Imagineers are the creative people who provide the innovation and of course the well-known magic within the Disney Parks. All kinds of people from the past come to the fore in this documentary, just like old images of Walt himself. A beautiful recording of Disney’s Golden Age. Beautifully crafted: You’ll also see Disneyland and movies in a different light.

10. Spirit

This film is probably the least popular of all the Pixar films with kids, but you can watch this film as an adult as well. It is almost mandatory, so much knowledge of life is passed on it. The messages in this film are very strong and yet everything is told in Pixar’s funny and heartwarming way. It’s hard not to be inspired by Sol.

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