AAP does pressure politics: BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia

The BJP accused the AAP on Sunday of doing “pressure politics” after the CBI subpoenaed Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia for questioning in connection with her investigation into excise tax policies.

BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia said at a press conference that Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the “pivot” of defrauding his ministers are accused. Today Kejriwal compares himself to god and his ministers to freedom fighters. Kejriwal should be ashamed because his corrupt ministers are filling his treasury while Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the country,” Bhatia claimed.

While the AAP claims Sisodia will be arrested on Monday, Bhatia said the party should refrain from “pressure politics” against investigative agencies: “If you’re so afraid of investigative agencies, you shouldn’t have indulged in corruption. Sisodia is less of a deputy CM and more a corrupt debt collection agent from Kejriwal.”

AAP’s performance has been dismal in most state polls, and people have often dismissed them, he added. “The corruption of the ‘paap’ party in drafting the excise policy has already been exposed after they repealed it,” he claimed.

In a tweet on Sunday, Sisodia said: “CBI raid was conducted at my home for 14 hours, nothing came out. Searched my safe deposit box, but nothing came out. They found nothing in my village. Now they have called me to CBI HQ tomorrow at 11am. I will go and give my full cooperation. Satyameva Jayate.”

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