According to Musk, Twitter is growing

Twitter is going through a turbulent time. That is an understatement. Ever since Elon Musk got involved with the social network — and that was before his takeover, the company has been on a roller coaster that seems endless. So it’s high time for some good news, Musk must have thought. According to a leaked internal document, the number of Twitter users grew faster than ever last week.

Over 15 million new ‘Tweeps’

Twitter internally reported a 20 percent increase in daily users since the acquisition. According to the platform, this amounts to an increase of over 15 million ‘Tweeps’. According to the company, the milestone of a quarter of a billion daily users has also been reached.

If this information is correct, given how Twitter has cheated on user numbers in the past, then the increase means that the mass exodus of ‘tweeps’ that some expected has not yet begun. Musk himself tweeted a few hours ago that Twitter usage had reached an all-time high.

In contrast, advertisers are still not returning

This is now true for many advertisers on Twitter. Kasturi last week reported a huge drop in sales. This was partly a factor in the mass layoffs, in which about half of the workers were sent home. In retrospect this turned out to be too much of a good thing

According to Musk, advertisers are withdrawing mainly because they are under pressure from activist groups for inaccurate stories about a potential increase in hateful and racist tweets as a large portion of the content moderators and teams responsible for them are shut down.

Incidentally, not all exiting advertisers made their decisions last week. Twitter’s revenue has been in the doldrums for a long time.


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