Beyond Junk

Junkyards are always a bit challenging to find; inspired by his inspiration, the newly opened Junkyard Cafe has a light head scratcher as its entrance. Once you discover the second floor location in Connaught Place, nothing can be left open, from the stone-flanged entrance to the cavernous interior, the whole restaurant breathes large spaces. The decor is inspired, and we don’t just mean the name. Rusty keys and gears welded into object-d arts, ragged furniture, servers dressed in dungarees and sporty helmets, and even a life-size World War I airplane model, done up entirely in wood and decoratively peeling – it’s hard to take our eyes off our surroundings and focus on the menu.

In direct contrast to the mess all around, some of the menu is all about health. Each dish is carefully calibrated, with each nutritional value listed. We wish management had quantified each dish by serving, because 190 calories for a steak just doesn’t sound right. Or rather, too good to be true. The other part is scriptureless and a mishmash of comfort foods from around the world.

We decide not to play favorites and choose our entrees from both – Sausage Mushroom Caps from the former and Curried Chicken Wontons from the latter. The caps come out first and are everything their name suggests: large caps filled with crumbled sausage and topped with cheese, all for a tasty mouthful. We do it urgently, mainly because our wontons are screaming for attention. Well stocked with the aforementioned curried chicken, we still wish the chefs had done something to advance the plot; there is nothing wrong with it except a certain steadfastness.

As a main course we dive into the sea with a shrimp risotto, again from the health menu. We are also frolicking with a Laal Maas from the other side, following our strategy from the past. The risotto is a smooth blend of arborio rice and shrimp, enriched with fennel and textured with fresh arugula leaves, a dish with soul, if you will. The Laal Maas, on the other hand, is as hot as the desert it comes from, a fiery oven of tender meat stewed in a delicious red pepper gravy. Winter has never been so warm.

Meal for two: Rs 1,800 (including taxes, excluding alcohol)
Address: N-91, Connaught Place.
Contact person: 33105388

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