Board Party on TikTok: Fun Food Trends in Videos

You see this often on the video platform TikTok: a board party. It’s a must-see eating trend on the platform. It’s a new concept of ‘bring your own’, but sharing. One person makes a whole plate or a whole plate of, for example, croquettes, another with fries and it all comes together in a board party. Even brands are moving away from it now.

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You’d think that board parties are all about board games, but it’s not. Board parties also have nothing to do with darts or extreme board sports such as snowboarding or skateboarding. It’s just a food trend. A very comfort food trend, with which you can turn every TikTok video into a party. At least, if you keep it somewhat normal, because as it happens on TikTok, things sometimes get out of hand.

First let’s see what it should look like. You don’t have a board party like this with two people: get as many people as possible into the room on TikTok and show them what they’re up to. The concept is very simple: every person who comes to the party has one and the same thing with them. One makes only sausage rolls, the other only mini pizzas with pineapple, etc. So far, most people are a bit on the unhealthy side: we don’t see many healthy board parties going by, but this one looks fun.

Board party

There is a more extreme form of a board party, which is completely unhealthy. For example, there is a butter board circulating on TikTok: a board that has become so popular that it has received over 8.6 million views. Board parties are a kind of extended version of shared dining: we don’t want three-course menus anymore: it’s expensive, nobody eats everything and that’s why we all started sharing.

But yes, an entire cheese board spread with butter: it’s not very healthy. It looks pretty (very Instagrammable), but of course it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle. Because of this, some people are not very happy with the board parties. TikTok, on the other hand, has detractors for every trend.

Charcuterie is dominant

In any case, charcuterie influencers don’t care too much about it: even big celebs like Kendall Jenner dare to do it. Such a board is easy to carry and they look good, making it perfect for generations to enjoy their social media life to the fullest. Plus, you definitely don’t need any skills to make a fun board, which makes it very accessible.

Also, if you have a group of people on your own floor, you don’t have to stress about food, because everyone takes something with them. We don’t see this in the Netherlands yet, although it might be something Dutch people can embrace: a nice evening chatting – or playing board games – while you get something tasty from one of the boards every now and then.

Trends in the Netherlands

It needs some adjustment. If three people take a board full of brownies, or full of croquettes, the balance of the meal is quickly thrown off. You have to feel it, because someone has to lead. But, as long as everyone is on board, this could become a TikTok trend that will gain popularity in the Netherlands as well.

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