Chhath Puja special: How to make thekuas

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Chhath Puja (Also Read: Everything You Need to Know About the Festival) isn’t complete without thekuas. A traditional Bihari sweet made from flour, sugar/cane sugar and ghee, thekuas are offered as prasad.

On this special day we bring you a special recipe. Get out your chef’s hat and apron and try it out at home.

250 grams wheat flour
2 tablespoons chopped dry coconut
50 grams of sugar
1 tbsp fennel seed
3-4 whole green cardamom
½ cup water
Ghee for baking (reserve 1 tbsp for the flour mixture)
Dry fruit (optional)

*Mix wheat flour, dried coconut, fennel seeds, dried fruits, ground cardamom and 1 tbsp ghee in a pan.

*Now make a sugar syrup by bringing water and sugar to a boil. Cook until the sugar has dissolved.

*Add this syrup to the mixture and knead well. Be careful not to make the dough watery. The mixture should be slightly wet, enough to make balls.

* Smear your palms with ghee and take a spoonful of the mixture. Make a ball and flatten it by shaping it into a disk. Form such disks from the whole mixture and set aside.

*Now heat ghee in a pan and fry the discs one by one until they are a shade darker than golden brown.

Note: Although thekuas will stay fresh for up to two weeks, it also tastes great when warm. You can use molds to give the thekuas a better shape and design. If you want to avoid the sugar syrup, use dry sugar. Water can be added separately to prepare the mixture. Traditionally, cane sugar has been used as a sweetener. You can replace sugar with cane sugar. The amount of sugar or cane sugar can also be adjusted to your own taste.

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