Coming soon to WhatsApp: Bitmoji-like 3D avatars

WhatsApp goes after Snapchat and iPhone: it gets 3D avatars. In this case Facebook’s Bitmoji-like avatars will soon make the crossing to Messenger. No wonder, as both Facebook and WhatsApp fall under the Meta umbrella.


An avatar is usually available as a still image to create a digital version (or some other representation) of yourself, but with 3D avatars within social media you can often do a bit more. You can let them express all kinds of emotions and on Snapchat, for example, it’s very natural to respond to a chat message with Bitmoji. Snapchat even suggests Bitmoji when you type to spice up your response.

Admittedly, it’s cool that it exists. It’s fun to make a Bitmoji that looks as good as possible and you can adjust them to taste, if you’ve been to the hairdresser or, for example, want to show it off with the full Christmas spirit and a good Christmas sweater but above all, it’s nice that they make you like Helps express an emotion that may be difficult to express in words.

3D Avatar on WhatsApp

At the moment, the 3D avatar function is being tested in the experimental version of WhatsApp on Android. The idea is that you can create and use your own avatar, just like you’re used to from other social media. WABetaInfo encountered the function in the beta version of WhatsApp (number If you have access, you’ll find an ‘Avatar’ section in the settings menu where you can put together a virtual version of yourself just to taste. Meta then creates tons of stickers with your digital image and you can use them like you use stickers in WhatsApp.

This is the same type of avatar that we know from Facebook and Instagram. Recently, they got a major facelift, making them look more detailed and attractive. All these ways lead us further towards the metaverse, where your avatar becomes of course even more important: after all, it is your character with which you traverse the digital world and for which you can buy virtual sneakers, for example.

At this point it is still not clear for whom the function will be available: is it global, will it eventually be available for iOS as well? We will have to wait and see. However, WhatsApp isn’t the only one working on it. TikTok is also busy with avatars.

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