Does your Mercedes accelerate quickly? There is a subscription for this

The car world is being taken over by subscriptions. Since we pay monthly to work and watch series like Stranger Things, automakers think they can pull off that trick as well. BMW first came with a subscription for warmer hips, and now you need one if you want to get the most out of your new Mercedes.

Mercedes EQE and EQS

It’s not about every Mercedes and membership is only available in the US, though that may change. If you have an electric Mercedes of type EQE or EQS, you will spend 1,200 euros per year on your subscription. So it’s not payable monthly (and that’s even without VAT). Quite a lot, but on the other hand, an EQE or EQS isn’t cheap either: prices for these cars start at 76,825 euros for the EQE and 106,374 euros for the EQS. However, subscriptions are not available to every EQE and EQS.

The subscription is called acceleration boost because with it you can: it significantly increases the car’s torque and maximum power. The EQE 350 4matic means an extra 45 kW of power, with the EQE SUV 350 4matic you get 260 kW instead of 215 kW, while the EQS 450 4matic and EQS SUV 450 4matic have the most ‘progress’: with 65 kW, these cars Instead of 265 kW they have no less than 330 kW of power at their disposal

Subscription for your car

The advantage is that you can tear away quickly at traffic lights: the car accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour by 0.8 to 0.9 seconds. That power isn’t available by default after you buy a subscription: you choose it yourself using the Dynamic Select menu via the dashboard. Still, it remains somewhat insane: the car is already capable of a lot of power, but it’s kept behind a paywall. Because of these subscriptions, some people fear that things will go further and you will soon have to take out a subscription for all sorts of important functions. It can feel like a rip-off, especially if you’ve already paid a lot for a car.

On the other hand, you don’t have to feel too cheated: cars didn’t appear too long ago only to learn later that you apparently don’t get full acceleration power. These are the cars that will appear in a year and a half from now. Yet there are many car enthusiasts who are not looking forward to such a subscription: it feels strange to many people because the car rolls off the production line at the factory with this option. Moreover, they are so dependent on the car brand, when you may want to get a little more freedom from your car. And, it’s a fairly expensive premium too.

BMW and Mercedes

So subscribing to an option in the car is definitely not a pleasant surprise. Yet, the world we are increasingly moving towards car subscriptions. Many experts expect that when cars are truly self-driving, we’ll likely be paying a subscription to use a car, rather than having one in each of our driveways. There are now some forms of subscription for cars: think of Lynk & Co, for example, where you can use your own car as a shared car by asking for money to ‘borrow’ the car.

These options are unlikely to stick with subscriptions: now that BMW and Mercedes have found that it can work as fewer cars are sold, we just don’t expect them to come up with more options that come under a paid lock and key seat. : Other car brands will undoubtedly follow.

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