Does YouTube want to be social media? Adds @ to the account name

The video platform adds @ to the YouTube account. As a result, it is increasingly becoming a social medium. You’ll soon be able to choose your own ‘handle’ (aka: account name), making it even easier to use between YouTube and Short.

Within @ YouTube

Is YouTube a social media? This is a question that is popping up more and more. Primarily it is a video platform, but because of the likes and reactions you can in principle classify it under a social medium. Especially because it often copies from social media. For example, consider Shorts, which are direct copies of TikTok.

It may not sound very exciting, adding an at sign to an account, but it can have big consequences It is very common on the Internet to use the at sign when you want to indicate something to someone. This has been the case with Twitter for over ten years. Also if you are working in a Google Doc for example and want to involve someone, you can use @ and then select a person.

More visibility

According to YouTube, it will be easier for creators to find their fans, but also tag other creators in their videos, for example. You can alert others to your content by adding an at sign and a username in the comments, video title, and video description. According to YouTube, it’s about visibility and establishing a brand.

YouTube wrote on its blog: “For example, creators can be mentioned in a comment or tagged in the title of a recent collaboration, helping them increase visibility and reach new audiences. Handles join channel names as another way to identify a YouTube channel, but unlike channel names, handles are truly unique to each channel, allowing creators to further communicate their unique presence and brand on YouTube.”

Choose your account name

It has a big advantage, those new @ names. All of these are unique, making it easy to thwart malicious imitators After all, it is more visible when someone just pretends to be someone else: he cannot bear the same name as easily as before. This makes it much more difficult to fool people, for example, for phishers, but also for people who want to have fun.

YouTube is rolling out this new feature in bits and you’ll be automatically notified when it’s your turn to pick a handle. This is annoying, because if it’s someone else’s turn for you, the name you wanted to choose might already be gone However, if you already have a personalized URL for your channel (which can only be done with 100+ subscribers), it will automatically become your handle (unless you choose to change it on your turn).

YouTube as a social media

With this change, we can actually call YouTube a social media. After all, what else is different between YouTube and Instagram? The only thing that is not widely developed is the possibility to send a DM (direct message) and the option to supply your video with all sorts of crazy things before it goes online. Well, it seems to matter all the time.

But the question is, is YouTube doing the right thing: does everything really have to be so interactive? Isn’t the nice thing about YouTube that you can watch a video reasonably well without being too distracted by others? It’s probably a matter of taste. Which means that for some people it will remain just a video platform, while people who get a lot of likes and comments may come to see it primarily as a social medium for much longer. And now with @ to make it more clear.

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