‘Establishment Ristorante’ Food Review: Acting on Tradition

Interior of restaurant.

The recently established Ristorante establishment is located in the same building that houses its older patisserie and bakery sister company, on a top floor in Meherchand Market. From the stone pots filled with the various wreaths, strands and tubes of various pastes to the softly playing Roman love ballads, not to mention the pictures of Farfalle and family, bright and cheerfully hung, against the plain white brick walls, gives you a fair idea of ​​the type of food on offer. And indeed, apart from a few greetings to the rest of the continent, the menu is largely Italian, a classic composition of zuppes, insalatas, risotto, pizza and pasta. A simple, two-sided affair, the menu still makes us wish for more antipasti on offer. Perhaps in the long run.

We eschew the more traditional bruschetta and decide to chew on an open sandwich. The Prosciutto e Formaggio has toasted warm pieces of farmhouse bread, decorated with its namesakes of ham and cheese. The crumbly bread, tasty ham and gooey cheese, bound together by a sauce of roasted tomatoes, caress our palate for the coming Roman banquet.


Since the moon is in the sky, it behooves us to get a large pizza pie. The Smokin’ Hot!! comes with a Sicilian thin crust, loaded with chilies, jalapenos, mushrooms, and chili flakes with a garlicky tomato base. Light on the stomach but heavy on the mouth, this one will make you go more.

In creamy contrast is the Pasta alla Carbonara. Coarsely sliced ​​bacon and al dente spaghetti are smothered in a cream cheese sauce seasoned with dried rosemary and oregano. Swivel fork, open mouth, eat, repeat, until the ceramic bowl is scraped clean and retains its former purity. Speaking of scraping clean, after all those bites of Italiano we crave a good old English. And so dessert is the Banoffee Pie Jar, which is assembled downstairs in the bakery and rushed to us. We return the flavor, er, favor and polish the little layers of browned bananas, thick layers of caramel and whipping cream. All in record time.

Meal for two: Rs 2,000 (including taxes, excluding alcohol)

Address: 96, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, Delhi | Contact person: 9999516755

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