Everything new, breastfeeding moms need to know about ‘power pumping’

Breastfeeding can be a bit challenging for a new mother, especially if her baby is exclusively breastfed and is unable to produce as much milk as she wants. This is where power-pumping comes in. Healthline defines it as a technique that is “designed to mimic cluster feeding”, which “may encourage your body to start producing more breast milk”. Cluster feeding is when the baby craves more feeds every few hours; The duration of these feeds may be short.

It is believed that power pumping can produce similar results as it helps the mother to pump more often so that her body can increase the milk supply naturally. Actress Neha Dhupia’s breastfeeding and parenting page Freedom to Feed on Instagram recently shed light on this.

This post explains a step by step guide to increase milk supply through power pumping. It describes a 60-minute process during which the mother has to pump the baby for 20 minutes just after feeding.

This is followed by a 10-minute break, during which he needs to drink a lot of water. Then, there is 10 minutes of pumping, followed by 10 minutes of rest and 10 minutes of pumping. This should be repeated at least once a day to increase the supply of breast milk.

Elaborating further, Dr Krishna Prasad JR, Consultant – Pediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Electronic City, Bangalore told indianexpress.com that the technique of breast pumping depends on the body, and there are no general rules for the same. “In this technique, you have to pump breast milk more often in a shorter amount of time, so that your body can respond by stimulating the production of breast milk,” he said.

The doctor said that one needs to give it time and take a break while being on it. “Doing it without a break can cause breast pain or nipple pain.”

“The length of the power-pumping session will depend on the mother’s body. Some women may see good results with a 1-hour session, others may need 2 hours a day for a week to see an increase in supply. You have to follow this schedule for at least a week. Some moms start to notice an increase in their breast milk supply after a week; Some must power-pump for a couple of weeks to see the change,” said Dr Krishna.

Power pumping is recommended for better and faster results. It is less risky than drugs. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Speaking about other ways to increase the production of breast milk, she said that there are many nutritious foods that can be included in the diet. Some of them include garlic ginger, fenugreek, fennel, papaya, chickpeas etc.

“You also need to look for factors that affect milk production, such as emotional or physical instability. You can try making lifestyle changes such as limiting or avoiding alcohol and smoking, getting regular exercise, etc. Many mothers keep their supply at bay. Look for supplements or prescribed medications to increase growth, but power pumping is always recommended for better and faster results. It is less risky than drugs that cause nausea, sleep problems, headaches, and persistent sleeplessness. symptoms like these,” concluded the doctor.

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