Experts share five healthy eating habits you should normalize

Developing healthy eating habits is of utmost importance to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, what are you and how do you eat! From having an early dinner to eating clean or not being shy about dieting, we must normalize these habits to stay fit and active. As such, nutritionist Rashi Choudhary discusses some of the unpopular habits that you shouldn’t be conscious of adopting and following on a regular basis.

carry your own breakfast

“Instead of carrying your own snack instead of having a full meal in the form of a snack just because your friend feels like eating it, if you’re trying to reach certain goals/eat better etc. Couldn’t be the best thing,” she said.

Carrying snacks can help you eat a bigger meal. (Photo: Freepik)

to be on a diet

You shouldn’t hesitate to admit that you are on a diet or trying to lose weight or trying to reverse PCOS, or eating clean. “Being honest is good for your mental health too,” she said.

Consume 2 cups of black coffee a day to reduce appetite naturally

According to experts, 250 mg of caffeine is good for your heart and is rich in antioxidants. “If you feel irritable or anxious, don’t do it. Also, don’t have it first thing in the morning, maybe decaf or get your fat without coffee first,” she suggests.

Modifying Your Meals at Restaurants

Most restaurants shy away from making some modifications to your meal. “I always ask for extra vegetables, don’t have corn in my salad or do you have sourdough in your bread basket instead of regular? Since I eat out a lot, making changes to my diet has really helped me stay on track!” she revealed.

having dinner early

According to nutritionists, having an early dinner is a game changer. Even if you can’t do it daily, try to do it 3-4 times a week. “It will help not to stimulate your cortisol, it will help with melatonin production and help you sleep better,” she said.

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