For Car Enthusiasts: Want to get 5 cool cars from Block Zone

You can find some great cars at LEGO, but sometimes the plastic brick supplier isn’t quite right. For example, the Volkswagen bus is not round enough. Are you looking for a little more character options? Then building a block zone is probably a good idea. Whether you give it as a gift or buy it for yourself… these five automotive builds are awesome.

You probably don’t know Block Zone yet, but it’s a group of enthusiasts who have been building awesome cars together for years out of plastic rocks. Target? Don’t copy existing structures, but transfer existing cars as realistically as possible. They also have these models for sale, so you can build such a special building at home without reinventing the wheel. Not that you shouldn’t roll up your sleeves: the nice thing is that you can still put everything together at home like IKEA. What kind of did you do it yourself?

Block Zone has all kinds of different structures on its site: it even tries a new design every day. That’s spicy! It doesn’t do it alone: ​​the team works with hundreds of designers and manufacturers to create the most beautiful models. So it’s very different in terms of subject choice: there’s the space telescope James Webb, but also, for example, a 3D construction of the famous Japanese wave painting. Now there are more than five hundred: where to start? Well, maybe with one of these five:

R34 GT-R

It’s 3383 bricks in size, has a cool ‘paint job’ of silver and bright blue, and represents a 1:8 scale model of the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. The nice thing is that every detail has been thought of: he even has the driver on the right side, instead of the left side: completely as it should be. It’s the car from Fast and Furious and that makes it a very popular model, but of course because it can do so many things: would you rather open the doors or open the hood? No problem. After all, this way you can make the 6-cylinder engine look better.

Read all about this Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 here.

GT-R R34


Another beautiful car is the Subaru WRX STI. Not only a beautiful car, but the model in The Block Zone is fantastic: you can even control it remotely, because it drives itself. This car was requested by many people (because yes, Subaru fans are also very fanatical) and like the model above, has the option to open the hood and doors. This model is 1:14 scale and is a real 4 wheel drive.

Click here to read more about the Subaru WRX STI.


Zonda R

Pagani is an Italian and quite young car brand that mainly specializes in supercars. If you have less than 1 million euros with you, you go home. Once at home, you might consider the Zonda R from The Block Zone, as this 2,298 brick building costs considerably less at €186.95, while still being a nice eye-catcher. You can even get a variant of the car that you can control remotely for an additional fee. This Pagani is 1:8 scale and measures not less than half a meter.

Want to know more about the Pagani Zonda R? Click here.

Zonda R

Shadow Edition V12 horse horse

This car is the car that Batman should have driven. This car has over 3000 pieces and is 1:8 scale. You can open the doors and hood here, next to the trunk. This car isn’t just beautiful on the outside: it’s beautiful on the inside too. A lot of detail has been added to this black stallion and that too makes it a black beauty under the hood. Even with adjustable seats, if you still want to sit on the Batman doll. Just because it is possible.

Click here to know more about this black beauty.

V12 Prancing Horse

German wagon

It is the long-awaited construction of 2022. It is fully remote controllable and is not less than half a meter long. It will take you a while to get over 2800 bricks, and it’s worth it: the interior of this buildable car is highly detailed. You can also open all sorts of things with this car and it has many unique parts, such as wheels, wheel arches and brake discs. And that box above? Even ones you can open and fill.

Click here to see more about German wagons.

German wagon

block zone

In our opinion, these five cars are ideal choices. The great thing about being able to build yourself is that you know what parts are on the car. During construction you notice that you are building a differential or something internal. It can also be very educational for someone who wants to better understand how a car works. Not only entertaining and beautiful, but also very educational.

Of course there are many more cool sets available. So be sure to visit the website to explore. Something for everyone.

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