Here’s Why Dim Sum’s Are Among the Healthiest Options When Eating Out

When we’re out it’s really difficult not to fall into the temptation of eating mouthwatering, but often unhealthy dishes. From paneer pizzas to fried snacks, the options are plentiful and there is always a turf running between heart and mind. If you too find yourself in a dilemma about what to eat when you are not at home, we have you covered. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently took to Instagram to suggest a dish you can try guilt-free.

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She revealed that dim sums are among the healthiest food and drink options. Explaining the reason, the nutritionist noted that these are generally bite-sized, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and steamed.

According to Makhija, steamed foods are the healthiest and most versatile. “This process helps retain vitamins and minerals,” she said, on the benefits of steaming.

“Many of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables are destroyed when cooked with traditional methods. The hot steam used for cooking requires the food to come into contact with water, as occurs when boiling, or with cooking oils and fats, as is the case when frying. Steaming, in fact, boosts vitamins like B vitamins, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, etc. Additionally, minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous and zinc are retained,” she explained.

Also, when the food is steamed, there is no need for oil, which is used regularly while frying. Therefore, foods prepared by steaming method will have less oil/fat content than those cooked in oil.

“Since steaming softens the fibers of vegetables and fruits, it makes food more easily digestible and our bodies can more easily absorb all that nutrients,” she concluded.

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