iBood is the public opinion website of 2022

Bargain website iBood has been crowned the best website of 2022. This is an important award because the public votes instead of a professional jury. Also, more winners were selected in various categories.

Audience Award and Jury Award

Almost 500,000 people voted for their favorite website: there were 39 categories, so it was quite a task. The websites were evaluated on four different aspects: content, design, navigation and recommendation intent. Based on this, two winners were chosen in each category: one who simply received the most votes and one who scored the highest in those aspects.

Apart from websites, apps are also evaluated, but these are apps that are connected to a website. Also, there is now a Jury of the Year Awards website, which features a professional jury rather than a public one This resulted in three awards: Best in User Experience, Best in Visual Design and Best in Technical Achievement Very amazing website won this. Best UX went to Mauritius, Best in Visual Design for Formatting Furniture and Best in Technical Performance for a Kids Website That’s Secretly Very Educational for Adults: Willem Weaver.

Website of the year’s winners

Best Financial Apps: Who Pays What
Most popular financial app: WieBetaaltWat

Best eCommerce and Retail App: Jumbo
Most popular e-commerce and retail app: Scoupy

Best health and lifestyle app: 24Baby.nl
Most popular health and lifestyle app: Walk

Best media and entertainment app: Wie is de Mol
The most popular media and entertainment app: Wie is de Mol

Best weather and mobility app: Flitsmeister
The most popular weather and mobility app: Buienradar

Best Car and Motorcycle Brand Website: BMW
Most popular car and motorcycle brand website: Toyota

Even more winning

Best Career Website: National Job Bank
Most Popular Career Website: National Job Bank

Favorite community website: Tees Higher Jean Hotel
Most popular community website: Dumpert

Best consumer electronics website: CameraNU.nl
Most popular consumer electronics website: CameraNU.nl

Best Fashion and Beauty Website: Rico Moda
The most popular fashion and beauty website: Haarshop.nl

Best Financial Website: ICS Card
Most Popular Financial Website: Bitvavo Exchange

Best Food & Drink Website: Surinamese Food (Evening Recipes)
Most popular food and drink website: Uit Paulines Keuken

Best Sustainable Website: Peter Pot
Most Popular Sustainability Website: Solar Magazine

Best Education and Training Website: NHA
Most popular education and training website: Better Spelling

Housing, media and events

Best energy website: Energiedirect
Most Popular Energy Website: Vattenfall

Best event website: Concertgebouw
Most popular event website: Follow the Beat

Best health website: Apotheek.nl
Most popular health website: Healthnet

Best Hotel and Accommodation Website: Landal Green Parks
Most popular hotel and accommodation website: Voordeeluitjes.nl

Best Housing Website: Funda
The most popular housing website: Huispedia.nl

Best Lifestyle Website: ThePerfectWedding.nl
Most popular lifestyle website: Libel

Best Media Website: FilmToday
Most popular media website: TVGids.nl

Best News Website: Linda
Most popular news website: indebuurt

Best Radio Website: Juke
Most popular radio website: Radiozenders.FM

Best travel website: Holidayguru
Most popular travel website: Holiday Discounter

Best shopping website: Koffievoordeel.nl
Most popular shopping website: Etos

Best Sports Website: Racingnews365
Most popular sports website: Racingnews365

Best supermarket website: Albert Heijn
Most popular supermarket website: Lidl

Favorite Telecom Website: Simple
Most Popular Telecom Websites: Simple

Best comparison website: Overstappen.nl
Most popular comparison website: Gaslicht.com

Traffic, leisure and work

Best transport website: Datona.nl
Most popular transport website: Winparts

Best insurers website: Univé
Most popular insurers website: Ditzo

Best Football Club Website: FC Utrecht
Most popular football club website: PEC Zwolle

Best discount website: Diaperoffers.nl
Most Popular Advantage Website: iBOOD

Best Leisure Website: Fine
Most popular leisure website: Route.nl

Best weather website: Buienradar
Most popular weather website: Buienradar

Best Traffic Website: ANWB
Most popular traffic website: ANWB

Best Health and Fitness Website: Happy Healthy
Most Popular Wellbeing and Fitness Website: The Vitamin Store

Best employment agency website: Luba
Most popular employment agency website: Time

Best Worken Biz-Environment Website: Worken Biz Partau
Most Popular Worken Biz-Environment Website: VDL

If you’re still looking for inspiration for a website to add to your daily routine or your weekly shopping session, this will give you another big boost of inspiration.

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