Is ticketing platform Ticketmaster becoming too powerful?

Ticketmaster can be a boring website with its queues. Unfortunately, you rely on Ticketmaster, although there are more platforms where you can buy tickets: for example, Eventbrite and Cocobar. There are more and more negative stories about Ticketmaster and its exclusivity, especially now that it has taken over Live Nation. The abuse of power is so serious that the US government has launched an antitrust investigation.

Ticket Master

The buzz around Ticketmaster has gained considerable momentum due to Taylor Swift’s ticket sales. America’s favorite girl-next-door planned a tour and wanted to sell her tickets through Ticketmaster. However, Ticketmaster decided to cancel all ticket sales after a rather problematic sales launch. It wasn’t her server, it was Taylor Swift who had to work a little harder and make more tour dates (and more tickets) available.

Anyone looking to buy tickets for a popular artist deals with Ticketmaster. It is always a stressful process. First, because it often has to be done during work hours, as most ticket sales begin at 10 a.m. on Fridays. Second, because you can go to that site, but you’re never sure if exactly 10 o’clock will refresh and the sell tickets button will appear.


Once it’s there, you’re put in a long queue, in which it’s often hard to predict how it’ll proceed. Not to mention the stress of figuring out where you want a seat and if it’s still available. Buying tickets is not a pleasant process, especially for an artist like Taylor Swift.

Millions of people tried to get tickets to the country’s pop singer’s concert. Ticketmaster will crash due to the influx of people and indeed this initially indicates server problems due to high demand. Still, several thousand tickets were sold: Swift plays in big stadiums and can therefore buy a lot of tickets.

the crowd

To alleviate some of the crowding, many locations chose another day when ticket sales went live. You’d think the problem would be solved, but Ticketmaster believes there were too few tickets and it’s mainly La Swift who has fans angry and frustrated.

Ultimately, it decided not to allow ticket sales at all due to “exceptionally high demand on the ticketing system and insufficient tickets remaining to meet that demand”. According to Ticketmaster, this was due to a special pre-sale called Verified Fan. 3.5 million people registered as verified fans and 1.5 million received a special code to purchase tickets in advance.

Taylor Swift Tickets

However, a lot of people logged in who didn’t have a link and there were also some bots that came to be annoying, so it went completely wrong. Demand for tickets on Ticketmaster for Taylor Swift was double that of the top 5 tours and the Super Bowl going live in 2022, so that’s huge.

Ticketmaster says it’s not exactly a pleasant process to buy concert tickets and work to improve. However, it also continues to point towards Taylor Swift and the singer is not happy about it. He said: “It goes without saying that I am very protective of my fans. (…) It’s really hard for me to trust an outside entity with this relationship and loyalty and it’s unbearable for me to see mistakes happen without explanation.”

empty promises

“There are many reasons why it is so difficult for people to get tickets and I am trying to figure out how to improve this situation. I am not going to make excuses for anyone because we have asked several times if they can handle such requests and we have been assured that they can. can.”

The singer continued: “It’s really great that 2.4 million people got tickets, but it really bothers me that so many of them feel like they had to jump through several hoops to get them.” Taylor Swift is angry and it’s not the first time. He previously argued with Spotify because he found it unacceptable that his music was given away for free. This issue has now been resolved, but it seems that he continues to struggle when it comes to matters related to him.

power and monopoly

But, can an artist choose another platform? Not quite. Some event locations often have deals, and these are often the biggest: Ticketmaster. So the question is whether a stadium can suddenly change its ticketing platform. And that will be something that American Watchdog will have to dive into: How great is Ticketmaster’s power, really?

We’re looking at how this ticket sales platform positions itself towards venues and how it fits with the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation. We can imagine what the answer to the exclusive question will be, but it remains to be seen what the US government will come up with and above all: whether it will make a difference.

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