Learn about the simple technique that is ‘very important’ to lose weight

During the festive season, we all love to indulge in sweets and homemade delicacies, which can often throw us off track and add some festive weight. But what if we told you that you can actually stop weight gain without sacrificing your craving—and you just need to follow a simple, expert-approved technique. Wonder what it is? Nutritionist Namami Agarwal has the answer. And oh, it’s not complicated at all.

It’s just about practicing portion control! With myriad diet and weight loss hacks, such as intermittent fasting and calorie counting, experts agree that portion control is one of the most popular and effective ways to keep unwanted weight off. “Defined as the process of making sure that the amount of food you eat for each meal isn’t too large, especially when you’re trying to lose weight,” portion control is one’s overall health. Can be extremely beneficial for health.

Dr Garima Goel, a nutritionist concurred, adding, “Portion size is a major driver of energy intake and also affects a person’s weight. Therefore, it has become very important to measure and control portion sizes in order to control (and not increase) weight.

Experts have listed some tips for controlling portion sizes.

*Eat something before going out; Maybe a bowl of salad, sprouts, roasted chickpeas, roasted peanut chaat and fruits. This will make you feel full and you will not indulge unnecessarily.

*Don’t skip meals. By doing this you feel more hungry and you eat more food.

*Fill half of your plate with vegetables as they add volume to your meal. This way, you consume fewer calories for the same amount of food.

*Using smaller sized crockery items such as smaller sized plates, bowls, spoons and glasses will reduce the serving quantity to a portion reduction.

*Using compartment plates is extremely beneficial when controlling portion sizes. While this varies according to a person’s BMI (body mass index), physical activity status, and gender, a complete meal should consist of half a plate of vegetables and salad, a quarter plate of high-quality protein (such as eggs, low-fat and low-fat vegetables, and a half plate of vegetables and salads). – fatty dairy, fish, tofu, beans, pulses, etc.), a quarter plate of complex carbohydrates and a half teaspoon of healthy fat.

*Always order half a plate (of one dish) while eating out.

* Do not take all favorite foods at once; Take them one at a time. This will prevent redundancy.

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