‘Listening to my favorite music helps me mentally reset’: Shaheen Bhatt on feeling overwhelmed

There are many instances when we experience waves of emotions that are beyond our control. At such moments we feel extremely overwhelmed and anxious. If you ever feel this way, you can always take a cue from what Shaheen Bhatt does.

The author — who has always been vocal about her struggles with mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks and depression — opened up again about what she does when she feels overwhelmed. Taking to Instagram, she said, “Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take a few deep breaths, pause and listen to my favorite album.” He also said that he makes time for himself.

Shaheen shared that she has a playlist that has “a whole bunch of my favorite songs and artists, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Taylor Swift and Gnarls Berkley,” adding, “These artists instantly brighten my day.”

He also added that music helps him get out of the spiral and resets him mentally.

Music has a therapeutic quality that brightens our mood and makes us feel better. Explaining its benefits, Tanushree Sangma, Expressive Arts Based Therapist, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Healthcare told IndianExpress.com, “Music has a therapeutic quality, which can be felt when you listen to music on your way to work. , school, as part of a self-care routine in the morning, to calm or relax oneself before a performance or exam.”

What is music therapy?

Defining music therapy, Tanushree said, “It is an evidence-based psychotherapy used in the treatment of clinical and mental health disorders ranging from autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, substance use disorders to dementia.”

He also revealed that this therapy is specifically designed according to the clinical needs of the patient and it is important that it is practiced under the supervision and care of a trained mental health professional.

Further, he said that music affects each person differently. Aspects that bring about changes in a person’s thoughts and moods include “tempo, pace, melody, beat, instrumentation, and even lyrics.”

He adds that the person’s frame of mind or their music preferences is also an important aspect of therapy.

Is music therapy a replacement for medical care?

Experts say the type of therapy a person will be given depends on many factors, such as their clinical symptoms and their personality.

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