NASA: Next Artemis I launch attempt Nov. 14

We no longer dare to call it a launch, but an effort. NASA announced that it is still trying to fire Artemis I toward the moon on November 14. Various circumstances delayed the project, but on November 14 everything should be ready for a smooth, safe launch. Well, other than the things they can’t control, that’s what the weather gods are doing that day.

Turn on Artemis Eye

It failed several times to launch Artemis Eye. The fact that almost all of the dress rehearsals failed was actually a harbinger, but a date had already been set several times and it had yet to be launched. It has not been a lucky project so far. It is assumed that the spacecraft will blast off with the Orion space launch system so that it is on the moon and back within six weeks. He doesn’t land on the moon: he just flies around it.

The idea is that Artemis I is out as a sort of scout and the main focus is on her return. Will Orion make it back to Earth safely and completely? Being able to recycle such a spacecraft is critical, although the most important element is of course the safe return of the astronauts, who will soon be heading to the Moon with the Artemis III mission. However, that mission is still far away: it will take place in 2025. we hope

to the moon

Space projects are of course long-term, but we hope with NASA that it will work on November 14. So far there have been setbacks every time. The most recent was the devastating Hurricane Ian: Florida’s deadliest hurricane since 1935, so the space agency did well to cancel that launch. The launch is actually from Cape Canaveral, Florida (which is why NASA has its base there). Previously, for example, it was not possible to get the correct temperature in an engine, and there were a few leaks with liquid hydrogen, which is highly flammable.

Hopefully Artemis I will make it on November 14th, as it will bring us one step closer to returning to the Moon. A return for humans, but a debut for women and blacks, as the crew included more than all white men, made Artemis III a special, important mission for Earth.

The launch frame is 69 minutes long and will start on November 14 at 6:07 pm Dutch time. November 14 is a Monday, so we are confident that things should be fine now. If not, two more backup options are planned for November 16 and 19.

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