Rumor: Apple VR glasses get an iris scanner

We previously wrote that Apple applied for a patent to scan your entire face with its VR glasses, but it turns out that now only applies to the eyes. According to a rumor, the headset will scan your iris, letting you know who is using the device. Not only that: you’ll be able to pay with it. Mass is: the new PlayStation VR 2, though no price has been announced yet.

Apple’s VR glasses

This makes logging in much easier, as he immediately knows which accounts are yours. This way you can log in faster. The information website heard this from two people who contributed to it. This is big news, as not much is known about the virtual reality moves Apple is planning to make. People are even worried on social media: if those specs are coming soon, there must be more leaks already, right?

Often leaks come from third parties who contributed to the device, former employees or manufacturers. For phones, for example, case makers need to know in advance what the phone looks like, so they can immediately make cases for the device at launch. These are often times when more information is known. However, these manufacturers do not get information much in advance, so that such rumors mainly arise when we are closer to the launch.

Pay with your eyes

If we look purely at the rumours, we still don’t think so. Yet it’s an interesting rumor for another reason, because you can make payments with it like FaceID. Especially with a view to the metaverse, which a large group thinks is the future and where we will all buy virtual Nike shoes, such a function is very useful. But also for those who don’t believe in the metaverse: you can probably pay for your VR glasses with an eye scan.

Apple’s VR glasses aren’t just virtual reality glasses: they’re also augmented reality glasses. In any case, many companies are working on this type of augmented reality glasses, because it is a good hybrid that allows you to see the real world, but at the same time puts a virtual shell on top of it. That virtual shell can be, for example, your social media messages, but also a game component Not that it would be difficult: primarily it would be a pair of glasses for professionals like designers.

Contenders for the meta

So it’s a strong opponent for Meta Quest Pro, which was announced earlier this week. These VR glasses can also display AR and have a fairly high price tag (1799.99 euros), which makes it a device not directly aimed at the masses. Like the Meta’s VR glasses, Apple will also show what your eyes are seeing more clearly, so the cameras should be aimed at your eyes anyway. Then the rest of the screen appears more blurry, but you can’t see it and it saves a lot of effort for the processor.

However, Apple’s device is becoming more luxurious, which suggests it is a more expensive device. It is made of mesh, aluminum and glass and weighs less than the Quest Pro The screens will also have a higher resolution, although these are all rumours. Apple has developed a new operating system for the glasses, called RealityOS. We’ll probably pay a bit more for them, though we don’t expect the glasses to cost more than 2,000 euros.

At the same time, the soon-to-be-released VR glasses are just for the public: the new PlayStation VR 2, though no price has been announced yet. Do you want to know what we think we already know about the headset? Also read ‘What we know about Apple’s VR glasses so far’.

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