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There’s no promise of luxury in Loaded; not in his decor. With fake flowers, dazzling yellow walls and a shiny purple curtain separating the sitting area from the kitchen, it belongs to a Bandra from the 1990s. But once you’ve put your preference for the superficial aside, this new dessert cafe on Dr Ambedkar Road can prove to be a delightful little discovery.

With multiple options for cupcakes and the like nearby, such as Le Patisserie and Brownie Point, Loaded sets itself apart by limiting its menu to pancakes, waffles, dessert sandwiches, and a few sinful milkshake options.

The crepe menu is chocolate-heavy, but they do offer relief in the form of fruit fillings, such as a Lemon Butter crepe or the Nutty Apple Cream crepe (Rs 128). We chose the latter. If you are used to the buckwheat variety from Suzette, you may not appreciate this. But the all-purpose variety here, with its filling of caramelized apple (we’d have liked more of them) and nuts, and a generous topping of whipped cream, is buttery but not too overpowering.

The pre-designed waffle options allow for a variety of toppings. We chose a base, topped with maple syrup (Rs 71), to gauge the quality of the waffle. Dry and doughy, it was disappointing.

Frozen hot chocolate

But the winner was their Kit Kat Brownie sandwich. We ordered for their mini, priced at Rs 89. Although we were apprehensive to try a chocolate based dessert in between bread, we were surprised that the crispy toasted slices complemented the brownie, whipped cream and chocolate chips well. The pieces of Kit Kat added to
the crunch.

They also offer select treats such as pasta and sandwiches. The Corn Cheese Grill (Rs 127), served as a break between the many desserts, it could easily be mistaken for one ordered from a local sandwich vendor.

The compact space, atmosphere (it says they don’t offer wifi) and pricing indicate Loaded is geared towards students. Those hoping to make a meal of desserts without burning a hole in their pocket should also try this place. For the calorie conscious people they offer coffee. But honestly, if that’s what you’re aiming for, Loaded (take the hint in its name) isn’t for you.

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