These noise canceling earplugs are partially made of plastic water dispenser

Sony Announces New LinkBuds S ‘Ocean Blue’ These are Sony’s smallest and lightest noise canceling earplugs made of plastic water dispenser

The best of both worlds

LinkBuds S enables a new usage concept and offers the best of both worlds. Thanks to the ultra-small, lightweight design and natural ambient sound, the earbuds are perfect for staying connected to the online and offline world all day long. They combine LinkBuds’ innovative surround sound technology with high-performance noise canceling, letting the user decide where to focus; environment, musical entertainment or an educational podcast.

Linkbuds S includes Adaptive Sound Control, a smart feature that adapts ambient sound settings to the user’s location, creating the ideal listening experience. The ways of interacting with sound are becoming more and more diverse, so earplugs are no longer only used for listening to music, but also for participating in online meetings, for example. Therefore, Sony will continue to develop the LinkBuds series and its use with applications from other partner companies to ensure an optimal sound experience in every situation.

New Color: Ocean Blue

The Linkbuds S were already available in three colors, but Sony is now adding a new color: Ocean Blue. Parts of the housing and charging case are made of resin material from recycled plastic water dispensers. The material was developed by Sony with a new design in mind, which aimed to expand the potential use of recycled materials from water dispensers and take advantage of the material’s adhesive properties. This results in a beautiful unique marble pattern on the Linkbuds S, with each product having a different pattern.

Not just the Ocean Blue model, the entire LinkBuds series comes with plastic-free packaging. In addition, the earbuds contain recycled materials from automotive parts, demonstrating Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products.

The Sony Group is implementing a long-term environmental plan called “Road to Zero”, which aims to reduce its carbon footprint to zero by 2050. As part of this, Sony has set “Green Management 2025” mid-term environmental targets effective for the period 2021 to 2025. The aim is to accelerate the use of recycled plastic, reduce electricity consumption, make packaging of small products plastic free. And use clean energy.

Ocean Conservation Donation Program

In recent years, the annual production of plastic has increased by about 20 times, while the amount of recycled plastic remains at about 9%. Sony donates a percentage of all LinkBuds S color sales to Conservation International (CI). It is an international NGO that has worked since 1987 in more than 70 countries to protect natural areas, biodiversity and ecosystems.

$2 USD of the retail price of each Linkbuds S sold will be donated to CI’s ocean conservation efforts. This ensures that each purchase protects about 58,824 m2 of ocean, an area estimated by Conservation International to be equivalent to about 47 Olympic swimming pools.

In nature, pollution in one place can affect the entire ocean. Plastic pollution is a problem in itself, but it also exacerbates other factors that affect the ocean; From climate change to overfishing. People depend on a healthy ocean, and donations like this drive needed funding and increase consumer awareness and engagement. – Anastasia Khoo, Chief Marketing Officer, Conservation International

Multipoint Bluetooth connection function

Finally, all models in the LinkBuds series will receive a software update to enable the multipoint Bluetooth connection function. This ensures that two devices can be connected at the same time. For example, if music is playing on a laptop and a call comes in at the same time, Linkbuds S automatically switches to the call from the smartphone and ensures that hands-free calls can be made without changing the connection.

All LinkBuds series models will receive a software update in November 2022 that will support multipoint Bluetooth connectivity. The award-winning WF-1000XM4 earbuds will also benefit from this intelligent Bluetooth feature this winter.

The LinkBuds S Ocean Blue will cost around €200 and will be available in Europe from November 2022.

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