This festive season, say no to these popular (and much-loved) food combinations

The festive season is all about eating delicious sweets and other delicious food items, apart from spending some fun time with your loved ones. As such, many people consume unhealthy foods, which, apart from derailing your fitness journey, can lead to several health problems like indigestion, bloating and acidity. “From the festive season to the new year, we go from party to party. From partying extravaganza throughout the holiday season to a huge home dinner on the eve of the festivities, it is only natural to find out what one is eating and how much damage it is causing to the body,” said Dr Nitika Kohli, an Ayurveda specialist. Told.

She mentioned that festive meals are often heavy, greasy, and full of sugar and high fat content. “Not to mention bizarre viral food combinations,” says Dr. Kohli, sharing some popular food combinations that are strict no-no!

Here are some food combinations you should avoid.

*Expert suggests avoiding “illegal food combinations” like gulab jamun and ice cream.

*Another famous food combination is cold coffee and ice cream which is enjoyed by many. But, it’s “not a big number for our health”, she said.

* Explaining that wrong food combinations can be harmful to your health, he said, “Say no to rasgulla and ice cream”.

*”Pulwa and ice cream is also a crime for our body,” said Dr. Kohli.

The expert noted that these fancy food combinations “should do more harm to your body”. As we live in the spirit of celebration, he asked everyone to take care of themselves and be kind to themselves.

“Don’t let your body suffer. The main idea is to control how much you eat, and what you eat and enjoy holiday treats in moderation. Don’t be too careless with yourself. Navigating the festive season Can be tricky, but don’t worry we’re here with some simple tips to make sure you can eat smartly over the holidays without feeling guilty,” she said.

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