Tips for taking better smartphone photos in the evening

Smartphones are getting better at low light photography. Still, photographing in the dark remains a challenge in many cases. Hopefully, these simple tips will make things better.

Use a tripod

You often notice this when you use your smartphone’s night mode: it takes a photo but takes a long time to load. The goal is to keep your phone as stable as possible. No matter how hard you try, keeping your hand still is usually very difficult. Why make it difficult? Use a tripod and you won’t have that worry. Moreover, you can also use a very slow shutter speed, which often gives you more detail in the photo. Shutter speed is often slower in the evening because more light can enter the lens.

Find a silhouette

The great thing about night photography is that you actually have to look for the light. In this case, the light is coming from behind, creating a silhouette of the subject you are trying to photograph. The great thing is that it often looks razor-sharp instantly, and you can create great shapes with it. Especially if the subject of your photo wants to cooperate a little.

Clean your lenses

In fact, you should always do this before taking pictures, but it has the greatest effect in evening photography. You notice immediately when your lens is dirty: flares. Sometimes this can give a nice effect to your photos, but usually it’s not desirable. The simple solution is to just clean your lenses often. Then the light of car headlights and lamp posts seems very calm.

Use a slower shutter speed app

With many phones you can’t choose a shorter or longer shutter speed, although that’s really important. Fortunately, there are third-party apps that can help with this. Find them and use them, because shutter speed is the foundation of night photography. This ensures that more light gets into your photos, and it often produces better photos during twilight or even near-total darkness.

Touch your screen

It also works during the day, but chances are you’ll only notice the difference in the evening. If you tap your subject, it will lighten, but if you tap further into the dark, you’ll often get a darker, more ‘moody’ photo. So don’t touch to focus only on your subject all the time, because the night can surprise you.

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