When do doctors recommend cesarean delivery?

A woman can give birth normally (vaginal birth), or through a cesarean or C-section procedure. But on what basis has the treating doctor made the decision? “Caesarean or C-section delivery is often recommended in case of complications at the time of pregnancy. These include placental problems, such as a low-lying placenta (placenta previa); the baby is in an awkward position for delivery, such as the bottom -up (breech); if you are carrying twins who share a placenta; or if you have a gestational pregnancy,” said Dr Shobha Gupta, medical director, gynecologist and IVF specialist at Mother’s Lap IVF Center New Delhi and Vrindavan said, indianexpress.com.

The specialist prescribing a C-section involves making cuts in the deep tissue just behind the urinary bladder in the abdominal wall and lower part of the uterus, so that the delivery can be done after the uterus is opened.

But, is a C-section delivery also recommended at the request of the woman? “Yes, a woman can opt for an early C-sec delivery if she is advised by a doctor. She may also have the privilege of choosing a date from 37 weeks to 40 weeks to plan her C-section,” Dr Sonal Kumta, Senior Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund said.

Specifically, the due date or expected due date that is given to the patient is at the completion of 40 weeks of pregnancy, or nine months and seven days after the date of the last period. “So, it is practically the last safest day to opt for delivery. Usually, 37 weeks delivery is considered as pregnancy or a safe, full-term delivery,” Dr Kumta told indianexpress.com.

Here’s what to consider when you’re planning your delivery (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Jayshree Nagaraj Bhasgi, Senior Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fortis Hospital, Richmond Road, Bengaluru, told indianexpress.com in an earlier conversation that apart from health considerations, a C-section may also be opted for in case of mothers request. May be “for fear of experiencing labor pain, or for auspicious times”.

According to Dr Bhasgi, sophisticated techniques in anesthesia and surgery as well as good quality suture material, strict aseptic precautions, use of appropriate antibiotics, availability of blood and blood products have increased the morbidity and mortality in case of C-sections. has reduced.

“Caesarean delivery is very common and generally safe”, Dr Ruby Sehra, Head of the Department and Senior Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi, told indianexpress.com that this “schedule” want to do. The birth of your child to avoid the uncertainty and pain of labor”.

“Some people opt for delivery on a public holiday, Sunday, or on a special muhurta, alternate or planned delivery at the desired time and date. If you choose to have a C-section instead of a vaginal birth, talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of both options,” Dr. Sehra said.

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